Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Conservative on Target–1 Pinocchio, Shame, Who’s Paying Now, $23MM per green job, ObamaCourt

Fact Checker nails President Obama’s claim of lower small business taxes: Obama is engaging in some grade inflation. The number of tax cuts, be it 17 or 16, does not really explain that many are so heavily targeted to such a narrow slice of the business community. Only in the most technical sense could the president argue that small business taxes overall are lower, given that there are tax increases coming down the pike. He would do better to explain exactly what he’s done, as opposed to tossing out a rather meaningless figure.

SHAME on US and China! Almost 40 Million “Missing” Girls Later, China’s One-Child Policy Is 31: Although the human rights violations embodied in China’s one-child policy have garnered recognition from the State Department, U.S. leaders have recently acted to diminish concern over the abuses. The anniversary of China’s one-child policy comes just a few weeks after Vice President Joe Biden condoned the heinous law in a speech to Chinese leaders. Likewise, the United States has reinstated an annual funding stream for the U.N. Population Fund (UNFPA), which is complicit in supporting China’s family planning objectives.
Obama Campaign Raising Millions on Taxpayers' Dime : During President Obama's three-day swing through Washington State, California and Colorado, he fielded questions at a town hall meeting in Silicon Valley and visited a high school in Denver.  Two official events to promote his jobs plan.  Compare that to seven fundraisers he headlined, raising at least $8 million for his re-election campaign and the Democratic National Committee. Who paid for the trip?  You did.  And so did we.  Taxpayers are footing the bill for almost the entire trip, which also cost millions of dollars.
Green jobs a bargain at … $23 million per? So far, the number of jobs created through Barack Obama’s green-tech stimulus programs have remained far below administration estimates, and at a far higher cost.  Instead of creating 65,000 jobs with $38.6 billion, the first half of the money has created less than 3600 jobs at a cost of $4.85 million per position.  Investors Business Daily notes that even this looks like a bargain compared to the deals that the Department of Energy is about to approve with the remaining funds in its green-tech subsidy programs… [Yes. They’re still drinking the Kool-Aid! – JS]
Why the DOJ Gave Up Its Delaying Tactics in the Obamacare Litigation: In short, the Administration did not have a lot of good options.  I’m still willing to pat the litigators on the back for doing the right thing, but I am also savvy enough to suspect that they would have sought a further delay if they thought the government would prevail in preventing the Court from hearing the case at all during an election year. [I think Obummer wants to be able to point even harder at the GOP as obstructionists! – JS]