Friday, September 23, 2011

Cheering Death? When Politics Turns Ugly

By: Chuck Colson

I know firsthand that American politics is a rough and tumble game. But when it turns ugly, Christians have got to show a better way…

Let me be clear: I think that there are times when capital punishment is necessary and justified. But the thought of taking another person’s life, however heinous their crimes, should give us pause. It’s never to be made lightly or causally.

I agree with Rod Dreher of the American Conservative when he called cheering for capital punishment ugly. He was absolutely right when he wrote that “justice may require execution, but we should never rejoice in taking the life of another human being.”…

But [politics] it’s not a blood sport. The answer to “how now shall we live” is not and cannot be “cheering the other guy’s demise.” I like to think that the people doing the cheering at the debates weren’t Christians. If they were, shame on them.
As you know, I favor a robust Christian presence in all aspects of public life. Part of the goal for that presence is to offer an alternative approach to modern politics and governance — one that that promotes justice, human dignity, and human flourishing.

What would politics without a Christian presence look like? Let’s just say ugly isn’t too strong a word.

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