Friday, September 16, 2011

Beware of veteran imposters and the media that loves to tell their false stories …

By John Sykes

As a Vietnam veteran and one who works with veterans in need, I too deplore the very many who claim they are veterans and are not.

The worst are the street-corner, camo-clad, booted phonies bilking a caring public. Although you’ll see these frauds working all over, in Broward County, FL they are generally non-veterans down on their luck being used by their scum handlers.

Worse yet are their bosses who are simply working a charity scheme involved in housing those beggars with real estate bought with what’s left over after they take their large percentages off the top of the bucket proceeds of hundreds of thousands of dollars in Broward County alone. One of these operations already owns more than 11 houses, at least a $1,000,000 in real estate.

In most cases 10% or less of the proceeds actually gets near any deserving vet!

And then you get the media insanity from thisainthell:

The typical crazed Vietnam veteran story; homeless man and woman under a bridge discussing the man’s trials and tribulations of the Vietnam war decide to hold each others’ heads under water to see who can stay under the longest. Woman holds man’s head first, then it’s the veterans’ turn…he has a flashback of combat in Vietnam while holding her head under water and mistakenly drowns her…the war’s fault.

Well, unless the man has no military record;

Lufkin defense attorney Al Charanza said Wednesday that his client, Winfred Kilgore, 55, has no evidence of a military record. Kilgore faces a murder charge in the death of 48-year-old Joy Bybee, who drowned beneath a Lufkin bridge.

A little simple math might have precluded the search for a Vietnam war record. He’s a year younger than me and I was a year too young for the last draft lottery…Anyway, I used the phrase “typical crazed Vietnam veteran” title because it’s typical in my experience that few, if any of the homeless I’ve met who claim to be Vietnam veterans are actually Vietnam veterans…they’re mostly drug-addled cranks who prey on the hapless soft-hearted.

Whatever you do, don’t let any of this turn you from those veterans who truly deserve and need your help. When in doubt, help them anyway!

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