Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Will this will be Obama’s bloodiest foreign policy mistake?

By John Sykes

imageThe dithering, blundering Obama administration just made a major foreign policy mistake. Incredibly, they have just paid ransom to recover a diplomatically protected US citizen arrested in Pakistan.
In Pakistan acquits CIA contractor after U.S. submits to Sharia, pays $2.34 million in blood money:

The Islamic principle of qisas, or retaliation, allows for blood money (diyya) to be paid by the perpetrator to the relatives of the deceased in cases of accidental death or even murder. This is not just an Islamic ritual; it is part of Islamic law and suffices as punishment for the murder if the relatives of the deceased agree.

And why is the U.S. submitting to Sharia in this regard? In better days, a team of commandos would have done the job.

An obviously out-to-sea US ambassador commented:

I wish to express my respect for Pakistan and its people, and my thanks for their commitment to building our relationship….

I am almost speechless. This administration should have known better and this ambassador with field experience should be ashamed of his pandering.

Besides supporting Sharia law, this idiotic action will inspire legions of Muslim terrorists and apologists to grab American citizens and diplomats for ransom money.

I thought not running down and eliminating the Somali pirates was showing extreme weakness. Paying Sharia blood money is insane.

The blood of those who will die because of this will shame this administration … and us!

Pray for all Americans anywhere they can be grabbed by a Sharia-inspired criminal.