Wednesday, March 9, 2011

If There Can’t Be a Christian Nation, Can There Be Anything Christian at All?

By Bodijar Marinov at

imageThis has been the refrain of many a seminary professors in the last generation or so. The retreat of Christianity from the public square, the passivity and uninvolvement of millions of Christians in the public debate, the open refusal of pastors and church leaders to apply the Christian faith to matters above family and church have all been based on the presupposition that whatever we do as Christians, we are essentially powerless to change a nation to obey Christ. Why? Because “there can never be such a thing as a Christian nation.”

Robert F. Hull Jr. may not be a significant name in the Christian circles. But his article in Christian Standard, “Is There a Christian Nation?” beautifully summarizes the arguments of the opponents of a Christian nation. The problem is, all these arguments are fallacious. They are logically and theologically inconsistent. They are historically inaccurate. And they deserve good Christian refutation.

Hull’s article faithfully follows the “holy trinity” of the modern escapist arguments: 1) Only Israel had a “divinely prescribed” covenant with God, therefore there can be no Christian nation today; 2) All attempts at establishing a Christian nation so far in history have failed, therefore there can be no Christian nation today; and 3) Christian faith can never be enacted by law, therefore there can be no Christian nation today.

Let’s look at each one of them.  Please be sure to read the rest here…