Friday, March 18, 2011

Futures Market & Brazil Nut – Cartoons

from Chip Bok:

The UN Security Council finally authorized the use of force against Libya. Gadhafi ordered a cease fire as promptly as he handed over his wmd after seeing Saddam stetch a rope in 2003.

Still, some are skeptical and, according to Al Jazeera, the fighting continues.

A story in the Guardian calls the cease fire a crafty move by Gadhafi to consolidate his gains.

from hopenchangecartoons:

Today, a radioactive cloud will arrive in the United States...and Barack Obama will hightail it out of the country. Which, on the balance, makes it a good day for America.

Unfortunately, the radioactivity will be an ongoing situation, but the alleged president is expected to return in a few days, after tending to economic matters in Brazil which are apparently more urgent than Japan's disasters, Gaddaffi finishing off Libyan rebels while the U.N. debates what color stationery they should pick for sending their belatedly-passed "no fly zone" resolution, and our own government continues to be funded (with borrowed money) for only three weeks.

While in Brazil, Mr. Obama will be sharing his vast economic and business expertise with chief executives of companies that already know how to make things and earn money, after which he will try to wake up the crowd by making balloon animals. Shortly thereafter, the president will fly to a neighboring country where Secret Service agents have told him (trying to keep straight faces) that he will be meeting with Chile's President Con Carne.

But as pointless as this trip seems at first glance, it will actually accomplish a very important goal for the president. Specifically, it gives him six days in which he won't have to answer any questions about why his administration has taken so little action in the face of a world that is going to hell.