Saturday, March 12, 2011

Chompin’ Klein, Dawson & FPL’s Math, Wavin’ West – Gator Politics

imageIs it any surprise that our “man-of-the-people” Ron Klein joins Holland & Knight "government advocacy team" where top lobbyists will get a chance to line his pockets while he waits in the wings until nobody can remember his pandering political past?
Corruption watch: FBI gets former Sen. Mandy Dawson's signed oaths > If the current political trends continue in Broward county we are going to have a serious jail population problem!

imageYes, it’s hard to not wet your pants about the $400,000,000 solar array that Florida Power and Light opened in November.…unless you happen to have the math skills of a 4th grader and figure out that this is a green boondoggle. Just divide $400,000,000 by 11,000 and you realize that is costing $36,363 per home!

Why is it that Liberals don’t get why maybe you should Live on the Water at Your Own (Insurance) Risk?

As always, the lib/progs will never understand Allen West when he says: “ there is no place in the military for political correctness. Everyone who enters the military are on equal footing.”