Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chompin’ Democrats, DCF, Wavin’ West, Senate, Immigration Reform – Gator Politics

gatorchompingsmIs this too early?: Rep. Allen West forms federal ‘leadership PAC’

YES! In a released statement, Representative Allen West said he will introduce legislation known as “The Global Combat Zone Recognition Act.” This legislation will address the treatment of members of the Armed Services killed or wounded in a terrorist attack.

Kudos as the FL Senate Will Reinstate E-Verify Requirement! Democrats don’t like immigration reform at all!

Yes! A constitutional amendment that would stop FL state tax collections from growing faster than a combination of inflation and population growth was approved on a largely party line vote, 27-13, today in the Senate.

DCF Should Work to Protect Children, Not Its Image!  The Barahona case: '... vile stew of bad social work, bad management, and bad lawyering ...'