Friday, September 3, 2010

“Warning Signs”,

from hopenchangecartoons:
  Let us be very clear from the outset. Hope n' Change wishes no harm to befall Barack Obama, and it is our sincerest hope that he will live to a very ripe old age, during all of which time he will marinate in the bitterness of being accurately labeled as "America's worst president" after his single, unsuccessful term.
  Rather, our point is that substituting signs for trained law enforcement officers is unbelievably useless and stupid...and if Obama's life was on the line, he'd be the first to say so.
  But instead, it is the lives of citizens of Arizona (or any Americans passing through Arizona) that are on the line...and the president doesn't care.
  That's why Arizona's recent request for 3000 National Guard troops to control drug-related violence got them only 30 troops...and 15 large warning signs telling citizens which parts of America are now controlled by Mexican drug lords.
  The Democrats are using their current "open border" policy as a political football while turning a blind eye to the growing violence on our southern border...and actually ceding control of American land to drug runners, human smugglers, and killers. It's madness, pure and simple.
But maybe the president could make a compromise. Rather than sending only 30 troops and 15 signs to Arizona, perhaps he could also assign a few Secret Service agents.
  After all, he has 3200 of them.

from Chip Bok