Saturday, September 4, 2010

“Not All Gloom and Doom”, “Sinking Feelings” and “King Obama” - Cartoons

from Chip Bok: Illegal immigration has dropped  67% over the past 10 years .  Meanwhile, unemployment notched up to a rate of 9.6% for August.  In an unrelated move, chief economic adviser, Christina Romer, gave her farewell address at the National Press Club.  According to Dana Milbank, she explained that economists don’t know why the economy stinks. [ Amazing that we haven’t heard Obama crowing about how effectively he is attacking immigration – BY LOSING JOBS! – JS ]

from hopenchangecartoons:
  Not long ago, VP Joe Biden toured the country proclaiming this to be the "Recovery Summer" in which we'd finally...finally...get results from Obama's budget-busting economic policies.
And boy, have we.
  New unemployment figures show that the economy lost jobs again last month, as it did the prior two months of this "recovery summer," raising the official unemployment rate to 9.6%. Experts believe the real rate, which includes the many jobless Americans who have given up hope, to be as much as twice that number.
  The president immediately blamed the dismal job situation on the lack of a bipartisan recovery plan, which sounds suspiciously like he's blaming the Republicans for not physically restraining the super-majority Democrats when they decided to turn a trillion "stimulus" dollars into party hats and confetti for their political supporters.
  But thankfully, America's long, hot, miserable "recovery summer" is now over, and we can look forward to a great autumn.
  Or, as Democrats will refer to it after November, "The Great Fall."