Saturday, August 21, 2010

“The Wrong Guy to Cross”

from hopenchangecartoons:
  According to two recent national polls, most Americans no longer believe that Barack Hussein Obama is a Christian, and as many as 1-in-5 Americans believe the president to be a Muslim.
  The Whitehouse immediately fired back to say emphatically that the president is not a Muslim ("Not that there's anything wrong with that"), and pointed out that even though the president doesn't attend church, he "prays every day" (although the Whitehouse didn't mention which way he's facing at the time), and he receives a "Christian devotional" thought-of-the-day every morning on his Blackberry!
  Granted, this would be pretty convincing if these were Tweets from Jesus, or if there was any compelling reason to believe that a man who ignored the content of Jeremiah Wright's sermons for 20 years was paying more attention to his Blackberry.
  Here at Hope n' Change, we absolutely support the Constitutional right of Americans to believe that Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim, although we won't comment on the wisdom of their doing so.
  But what we will say is that the longer this president is in office, the clearer it becomes that there's a stranger in the Whitehouse.