Monday, August 23, 2010

Quips, Quotes and Tweets – 8/23/10

Why Jews are Deserting Obama and the Democrats: In a Pew Research Center report…. there was another bit of bad news for Obama: the number of Jews who identify as Republican or as independents who lean Republican has increased by more than half since the year he was elected. At 33 percent it now stands at the highest level since the data have been kept. In 2008, the ratio of Democratic Jews to Republican Jews was far more than three to one. Now it's less than two to one.

More Immoderate Statements from Imam Rauf of the proposed NYC Cordoba mosque:
"We tend to forget, in the West, that the United States has more Muslim blood on its hands than al Qaida has on its hands of innocent non Muslims. You may remember that the US lead sanction against Iraq lead to the death of over half a million Iraqi children." Read the rest…

Who Was That Mosqued Man? Shhh…
  On Aug. 14, the Post carried one of its “helping conservatives find themselves” articles, “GOP leaders urge caution on pushing mosque issue: Backlash at polls feared.”
  Translation: This issue is killing Mr. Obama and his fellow liberals, so kindly shut up. The proposed Manhattan mosque is a keg o’ dynamite. It has blown up apathetic Americans’ benign illusions about Mr. Obama: “They’re going to build what? Where? And he’s okay with that?”…
  “Strategists in both parties say that they think the issue will be all but forgotten by November,” writes the Post’s Karen Tumulty. Well, yes, if conservatives do what they’re told.
  That‘s why they should keep talking about it. It’s a neon-bright snapshot of the Big Picture of what’s happening to our country.


"Small numbers make no difference to God. There is nothing small if God is in it."
Dwight L. Moody

INCREDIBLE! Philadelphia tax fever: Bloggers get hit for $300 business tax! [Is this progressive tax idiocy or an attack on free speech? Whichever, we are diving deeper down the rabbit hole! – JS]

Progressive Christian Leader Jim Wallis Admits His Lie About Receiving Millions From George Soros: “But his partisan political stances and attacks on the right wing have earned him financial rewards from the progressive money man, George Soros,  that doesn’t seem very non-partisan… [ It would seem a little difficult to forget over $7,000,000 in contributions. One of Wallis’s favorite phrases is “social justice”. – JS ]

LTC(R) Allen West: “We stand, as one, as the Spartans did in that gap at Thermopylae with our shields locked saying that we will not surrender this country.  We will not retreat, we will not give up one inch, we are going to restore this country back to those principles, we are going to go back and invest in the indomitable spirit of the American people.” Don’t miss this speech!

Time for the Left to Curb Its Corrosive Contempt:
  Given that the President, Vaughn Walker, and much of the commentariat in favor of the Ground Zero mosque are part of the supposed intellectual and cultural “elite” in this country, the arrogance – and paucity of their moral imagination – is breathtaking. In their formulation, stupidity, ignorance and bigotry are the only conceivable reasons for opposition to anything they deem moral or just. Their intellectual and personal disrespect for those who disagree with them is breathtaking – and it is unleavened by even the slightest dash of humility.
  The irony, of course, is that in its eagerness to denounce the intolerance and shortsightedness of the masses, the liberal elite reveals itself to be . . . shortsighted and intolerant. From the gay marriage case to the Ground Zero mosque debate, the elites don't even offer the courtesy of presenting principled rebuttals of their opponents’ arguments. Instead, they dismiss them scornfully as the product of inferior minds, unworthy of consideration by intelligent people.

"[I]t is a truth which the experience of all ages has attested, that the people are always most in danger, when the means of injuring their rights are in the possession of those of whom they entertain the least suspicion." Alexander Hamilton

“One hallmark of freedom is the sound of laughter.” Harry Ashmore 

The president’s BCGB (best Chicago golfing buddy) - Is he a crook or just a crony? How about his wife? [Read this. At first it seems just innocuous. Then you really begin to get that Chicago-political-family stench. JS]