Monday, August 16, 2010

Quips, Quotes and Tweets – 8/16/10

Glick > Israel should nuke Iran, not capitulate to US on minor issues and quit depending on our weapons! [Israel is desperately seeking answers from Obama and not getting them. They had better take a lesson from us and learn that, in the case of BHO leadership, they need to rely only on themselves! – JS]

In Dem DC, It's the Money That Talks > BHO's unions win > Poor lose $12B in food stamps! [BHO-2/Kids-0!The Democrats are really showing how much they support our kids. Not only are they raising money by hitting food stamps, not long ago they did away with the DC education voucher program.  – JS]

The Fed Can't Solve Our Economic Woes: “In the fiscal realm, policy must be reoriented from stimulating consumption to encouraging productive investment (not renewed financial speculation). That means no income-tax increases or costly new mandates. In particular, the Bush tax cuts should not be allowed to expire. No matter how the administration spins it, their expiration would entail a large increase in marginal tax rates in the midst of economic weakness. That would further impede savings and capital accumulation, discouraging firms from expanding and hiring workers. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is proposing to repeat the mistake of Herbert Hoover, who persuaded Congress to raise taxes in 1932… Markets are resilient, but their recovery can be impeded by bad policies. At present, both monetary and fiscal policies are on the wrong track.”

The End of American Optimism: “There seems to be a structural change in the American economy. The relationship of household debt to income has proven unsustainable. The ratio is normally established somewhere below 100%, but in 2007 the debt ratio hit 131% of income. It has now fallen to 122%, but at this pace it would take another five years to bring it under 100%. The pre-bubble norm was 70%. To get to this ratio again, debt would have to be reduced by about $6 trillion.”

“I used to ask God to help me.  Then I asked if I might help him.  I ended up by asking him to do his work through me.” Hudson Taylor 

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven..." Ecclesiastes 3:1

Medical Journal Retracts Article on Woman Cured by Jesus: If you still believe our journalists are unbiased, read why this journal had to retract their “study” due to really junky science and stupid, biased conclusions!  

By Anjeanette Damon: Scott was shot to death last month, but not by a criminal intending to harm him. A confrontation with police left him dead at the entrance to a Costco in the west valley. A store employee had spotted Scott’s legally concealed firearm and reported to police that he was acting erratically…   But if a situation escalates — for example, if someone reports a permit holder as a gunman — experts advise following the police officer’s instructions to the letter. “You do what the police tell you to do,” Washoe County District Attorney Dick Gammick said. “If they tell you to drop it, drop it. If they tell you to get on your face, get on your face. Now is not the time to have a philosophical discussion about your rights.”