Friday, August 13, 2010

Quip, Quotes and Tweets – 8/13/2010

Obama: Fighting the Yuppie Factor: “From the price of arugula to vacations in Marbella, the Obamas are the perfect yuppie couple… For Obama, the stereotype is one of a distant, cool, rather narcissistic yuppie… Hypocrisy is an important attribute of yuppies, safe in the “right” urban and suburban enclaves, and thus free to pontificate in the abstract about the sort of life they studiously avoid in the concrete. Yuppies like teachers’ unions for our children; but they send their own children to charter, private, or prep schools where teaching excellence and results (defined by getting kids into the top private universities) matter.” Read it all…

75px-Joe_Nedney_kicks_PAT_at_Rams_at_49ers_11-16-08[1] "Anyone who has watched football over the years has probably seen at least a hundred black players score touchdowns-- and not one black player kick the extra point. Is this because of some twisted racist who doesn't mind black players scoring touchdowns but hates to see them kicking the extra points?” Thomas Sowell on

From the Need for Christianity in Our Day:“Our age is suffering because of the rift between the spiritual and the temporal. It is suffering not only because of the despiritualization of the world, but also because of the disincarnation of the church. The church, it seems to me, has separated itself from real life and thus simply abandoned the world to its practical difficulties and taken refuge in an ivory tower. And for this it bears a heavy responsibility for our present crisis. True, it still goes on preaching, but far from the public place where the practical life of men is lived.” Paul Tournier

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