Monday, August 9, 2010

How far down the rabbit hole are we? Just look at small business confidence indicators…

By John Sykes

A new Gallup poll shows that “The Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index — which measures small-business owners’ perceptions of six measures of their current operating environment and future expectations — fell 17 points to -28 in July. This is its lowest level since the index’s inception in August 2003.”

America Is Wary Of Obama, Angry At Economy says “It’s like, “Ok, what’s next from this bunch?” We think in terms of protecting ourselves from, or mitigating, the damage caused by our own government.That’s a shame. We’re starting to get a bomb shelter mentality. What impetus that grows out in the private business world, to expand or to hire new employees, is crushed by government regulation and the threat of more regulation and higher taxes.”

I hear rumors that the private democratic party approval polls are at a “revolution level”. Just talk to someone who has been in the Mid West recently about how it seems out there. Yes. This is just anecdotal but I want to know how far down the rabbit hole we really are.

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