Thursday, July 29, 2010

“Medal of Honor”, “Sob-Story Stooge”, “Birthday”, “Fear”, “With Friends..”, “Truth”. “Firearms”, “Rare Feat”, “Leaks

When someone who has earned the Medal of Honor enters a room, a hush follows...
Some men are tested by one single, exhilarating day lived at high pitch, others over the course of a lifetime of day-in, day-out service to others. Nick Bacon passed both tests, excelled at them, yet somehow remained just Nick Bacon, whom everyone loved. In the end, what needs to be said, and isn't often enough, is simply: Thank you for your service. Please read it all…

Down the rabbit hole >> BHO’s Unemployment Sob-Story Stooge is a Convicted Fraudster! 
  Leslie Macko was once employed at ACAC in the Albemarle Square Shopping Center. In 2009, Macko was convicted of prescription drug fraud, at which point she lost her job as an esthetician in the spa at ACAC.However, on July 19, Macko was seen standing next to President Barack Obama as his example of the needs to extend jobless benefits.
  “We need to extend unemployment compensation benefits for women like Leslie Macko, who lost her job at a fitness center last year, and has been looking for work ever since. Because she’s eligible for only a few more weeks of unemployment, she’s doing what she never thought she’d have to do. Not at this point, anyway. She’s turning to her father for financial support,” Obama said in his speech.

INCREDIBLE! Mrs. Obama's Request for Birthday Wishes for Hubby Links to Donation Page: 
[ This almost left me speechless. I guess it’s better than having to pay the actual $30,000 to go to his birthday party. Do these two elitist snobs having any idea what their jobless constituents are coping with? I just hope they keep this up because it truly delivers a full transparency that’s way different than the transparency they would have us try to see through. – JS ]

Abandon All Hope - Dems have nothing to offer but fear, at a time when GOPers are not at all fearsome: What is clear is that voters have no rational reason to fear Republican victory this year. So expect the Democrats to make a lot of irrational appeals to fear so as to turn out the base and limit their losses. The Democrats' campaign will be ugly. The only question is just how ugly the outcome will be for them. Read more…

With Friends Like These, Who Needs Keith Olbermann?:
  So I'm thinking that maybe when conservatives are called racists on TV, instead of saying, "There are fringe elements on both sides," conservative commentators might want to think about saying, "That is a complete lie."
  Liberals explode in rage when we accuse them of being unpatriotic based on 50 years of treasonous behavior. They have zero examples of conservative racism, but the best our spokesmen can think to say when accused of racism is: "Man is imperfect."
  Conservatives who prefer to come across on TV as wonderfully moderate than to speak the truth should find another line of work and stop defaming conservatives with their "both sides" pabulum. Read it all here…

"Truth travels slowly, but it will reach even you in time." -- Benjamin Disraeli
"Such is the irresistible nature of truth that all it asks, and all it wants, is the liberty of appearing." Thomas Paine
"We know truth, not only by reason, but also by the heart." Blaise Pascal
”..Truth has no special time of its own. Its hour is now -- always.” - Schweitzer, Albert
”...To announce truths is an infallible receipt for being persecuted.” – Voltaire
”Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8:32

Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples' liberty's teeth.” George Washington

Barack Obama has managed a rare feat in American history:
  The longer he is president, the less presidential he has become. Obama has reversed the usual process of growth and maturation, appearing today far more like a candidate for the presidency—and a very ordinary one at that—than he did during the latter stages of his campaign…
  It may be … that Obama has created a box for himself from which he cannot escape. He has so monopolized and personalized the public relations aspect of his office that now only his own voice can speak for the presidency. Profligacy in the use of public access—almost a speech a day—has made indirectness impossible. A president who has become his own chief point man puts at risk an asset that is helpful to his standing and vital for the nation’s political system: the dignity of the presidential office… Read more…

The 3 Leaks on Warming, The Press, & Afghanistan reek of adamant leftism and brim with collusion!