Friday, July 30, 2010

“Ridiculous!”, “Obamabow”, “Son of Tarp”, “3 Card Monte”, “Chavez Tax Break”, “Crook Charlie”, “Hayek”, “Democracy”

RIDICULOUS! Here's why Cong.'s approval rating is dismal: Peter King And Anthony Weiner Get Into Shouting Match. And then along comes another Wiener rant: Floor Speech Meltdown of the Week! [ Wiener seems to be having a particularly bad week. I’d expect more of this from the Democrats as their colleagues begin distancing themselves from the Obama train wreck. – JS ]



Obama Bows Again! -
Finally, a leader worthy of an Obamabow!


Son of TARP - More politically directed, economically trivial credit and government ownership for small banks. The tax cut in this bill will provide $12 billion in relief over 10 years. The tax increase that Mr. Obama favors for 2011 would raise what the Joint Committee on Taxation figures will be $600 billion of revenues, about half of which comes from the coffers of small business. So the tax hikes, which are permanent, are about 50 times larger than the tax cuts, which are temporary. And the Obama Administration wonders why some people think this President is antibusiness.

3 Card Monte - ObamaCare’s Rationing Blueprint: Change the rules and then call in the AP & lefty shills!
  Despite the determination that the drug was safe and effective, the FDA is trying to de-label the drug for use with late stage breast cancer patients by changing the evaluation rules to use the price of the drug to determine its effectiveness. That is rationing. Period. The FDA created a subjective standard they call “clinically meaningful.” Sounds impressive but what does that mean? In the case of Avastin, which has been shown to actually work, the FDA is just saying that the average extension of life of 6 months just isn’t meaningful enough. That is the new rules of the game. The dealer always wins…
  Once the rules have been changed, the shills move in. The Associated Press takes the new subjective language intended to lead people to believe the drug is being de-labled because it doesn’t work and in turns that into actually false information saying that “recent studies finding that the drug did not extend patients’ life spans and also increased the incidence of side effects and other complications.” Patently false. Read more…

Chávez Bailout Bill would cost U.S. jobs and strengthen foreign competitors like China and Venezuela: With each passing day, the Obama administration's moratorium on energy exploration in the Gulf of Mexico costs the coastal region more jobs and increases the risk that those jobs will never come back. Now the administration and some members of Congress want to revise the tax code in ways that could irreparably harm the U.S. energy sector and threaten the industry's nine million jobs. Read more…

“Do your best and trust that others do their best.  And be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.” Mother Teresa

The Rangel Dispensation - The ethics committee exposes the [scummy] mores of modern Washington. As we went to press last night, it wasn't clear if Charlie Rangel would cut a plea deal with the House ethics committee to avoid a public trial. Still, the rap sheet of 13 alleged violations the committee released yesterday after a two-year investigation of the New York Democrat's conduct in office are an object lesson in the reasons the public holds Congress in contempt. They reveal in detail the culture of entitlement and self-dealing that typifies modern Washington. Read more…  And here’s another post:The Rangel Tangle [ .. and we would be going to jail! – JS ]

“At bottom what animates the unfolding of the socialist project and the agenda of the Obama regime is the rejection of common principles developed across the ages for whatever “pragmatic” and changing expediency is required to achieve particular immediate ends, especially for particular favored groups. Under Obama we have seen more and more of the economy falling under the direction of arbitrary bureaucratic control outside of the bounds of the rule of law. And there is no end in sight.” Greg Ransom on Hayek

“It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.” -- Sir Winston Churchill