Sunday, July 18, 2010

“Fat Accompli” – Your ObamaCare mandated federal record now has to include your BMI!

from hopenchangecartoons:
  Washington has announced that every American's federally required "electronic health records" will soon have to include their "Body Mass Index" - a determination of how fat you are.
  The government will collect the records and distribute them via computer network to a variety of national, state, and local entities.
  Presumably, they could also post your records at if they feel like it, or use the records to create a "watch list" of chubbies who will be turned in if they show up at fast food restaurants, buffets, or other known lipo-terror organizations.
  More realistically, the records will be used to help determine who will receive healthcare and who doesn't...and establish the basis for a so-called "fat tax" on larger people, who selfishly endanger the health of our nation by simply existing.
  Or just maybe the government is requiring collection, computerization, and monitoring of everyone's body mass index for no reason at all, and won't do anything with it!
  [ INCREDIBLE! We are descending even further down the rabbit hole. – JS ]

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