Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Deemin’ Democrats, Surprise & More >> Cartoon Corner – 7/7/10

from hopenchangecartoons:

  Once again demonstrating their puckish sense of humor, House democrats have - for the first time ever - decided not to create, propose, or vote on a national budget. Rather, they simply "deemed" that a non-existent budget bill for $1.12 trillion dollars had passed by magic, allowing them to continue their economy-busting spending spree. Whee!
  Which got us thinking...if the democrats can simply deem that the untrue is true, why should it stop with budgets?
  Why not deem the BP oil leak capped, and the Gulf coastline clean as a whistle? Why not deem full employment and a soaring stock market? Why not deem a cure for cancer, cars that run on distilled water, and pigs that fly?
  The reason, of course, is that "deeming" doesn't make anything happen in the real, non-political world.
  So $1.12 trillion dollars didn't magically appear when the democrats waved their "deeming" was simply stolen from taxpayers' pockets, and the pockets of their children and grandchildren.
  And that's a trick we've seen before.

By Chip Bok: Here’s Pelosi explaining why we had to pass the 2000 page health care bill.  And here’s a Chris Dodd voice over explaining the same thing about the 2000 page financial reform bill. William Saletan has an interesting piece in Slate detailing how Kagan, while working in the Clinton White House, doctored a report on partial birth abortion by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynocologists . He points out that the report was taken as expert opinion in court rulings.  If she gets on the Supreme Court and overturns a ruling because it was based on her original lie would that make her an activist judge

by Chuck Asay: “We need more governors like Gov. Christie”