Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cartoon Corner – 7/3/10


from hopenchangecartoons
  In his first major speech on immigration, Barack Obama seemed to take the jaw-dropping position that there is no difference whatsoever between legal immigration and illegal immigration.
  He then listed a number of legal immigrants who accomplished great things as evidence that the Mexican border should be kept wide open...just in case there were any geniuses swimming the Rio Grande and concealing themselves amongst the field hands and drug smugglers.
"The scientific breakthroughs of Albert Einstein, the inventions of Nikola Tesla, the great ventures of Andrew Carnegie's U.S. Steel and Sergey Brin's Google, Inc. -– all this was possible because of immigrants," quoth the president. And he's right.
  But he should have gone on to say, "The collapse of our medical system, the degradation of our school system, the loss of entry-level jobs for Americans, and a flood of drugs and violence -- all this is possible because of ILLEGAL immigrants."
  The president is many things, none of them good, but he's no idiot. He knows that Americans aren't against immigration...they're against law-breakers. But instead of conceding even this modest point, he tries to paint people who want federal immigration laws enforced as racists.
  At Hope n' Change, we don't claim to be Einsteins either...but we know lies when they're being told, and politically-motivated hatred when we hear it being spread.