Monday, June 7, 2010

Quick Quips – 6/7/10

Obama's Agenda: Overwhelm the System > Cloward-Piven Redux: Obama is following the plan of Cloward & Piven, two professors at Columbia University. They outlined a plan to socialize America by overwhelming the system with government spending and entitlement demands. Add up the clues below. Taken individually they're alarming. Taken as a whole, it is a brilliant, Machiavellian game plan to turn the United States into a socialist/Marxist state with a permanent majority that desperately needs government for survival ... and can be counted on to always vote for bigger government. Why not? They have no responsibility to pay for it.
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The Simple Path to Middle East Peace & US Inner City Prosperity by Star Parker:
  ..[Art] Linkletter, who experienced many setbacks and tragedies in his life, observed, “Things turn out best for the people who make the best out of the way things turn out.”..
  ..A culture of blame, entitlement, and hate is a path to nowhere. This is as true in the Middle East as it is in America’s inner cities, put on the government plantation years ago. Read more…

We Need a VAT? We Already Have One > Corporate Income Tax!
For those not familiar with the term, a Value Added Tax (VAT) taxes the estimated market value added to a product at each stage of manufacturing or distribution. It’s similar to a sales tax, but it’s built into the price of the product (whereas a sales tax is added onto the product’s final sales price). The great thing for the political class is that the VAT is a stealth tax. You don’t know you are paying it because it’s not separately itemized.
  But we already have a tax like that – it’s called the Corporate Income Tax – and, like all taxes imposed on corporations, it is passed through to the buyers of their products and services. Taxes are an expense to a corporation just like rent, employee salaries, and office supplies, and corporate profits are realized only after all expenses are paid. Corporations calculate their projected profits backwards, first by determining their expected revenue (based largely on competitive market conditions and public perception of their products) and then subtracting their anticipated expenses. To put it simply, corporations do not pay taxes – customers do. Read more…

IMPORTANT! Arthur Laffer: Tax Hikes and the 2011 Economic Collapse!
In 2010, without any prepayment penalties, people can cash in their Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), Keough deferred income accounts and 401(k) deferred income accounts. After paying their taxes, these deferred income accounts can be rolled into Roth IRAs that provide after-tax income to their owners into the future. Given what's going to happen to tax rates, this conversion seems like a no-brainer.
  The result will be a crash in tax receipts once the surge is past. If you thought deficits and unemployment have been bad lately, you ain't seen nothing yet. Please read the whole post…

With Friends Like the United States . . .BHO has emboldened America's adversaries and unnerved its allies.
  What do the following have in common: the piling on Israel after the botched interception of the Hamas relief flotilla, the Chinese military telling the U.S. secretary of defense that he was not welcome in Beijing, and the declaration by Nick Clegg—now deputy prime minister of Great Britain—that his country's special relationship with America is over?
  Answer: The Obama administration has managed to convince most countries around the world that we are worth little as friends and even less as enemies. Read more…

It does not seem to have occurred to defenders of socialized medicine that the system itself is causing the doctor shortage. Cuts in medical fees, overcrowding of facilities, shortages of equipment and space, and bureaucratic oversight have all combined to drive men and women out of family medical practice. Now, with a critical shortage looming, those who can afford to pay for adequate care are opting out of the public system and, literally, taking their lives into their own hands.
  But it is illegal to make patients “have to pay a fee to gain access to health services” that are provided free by the government system. So patients and doctors are forming membership-only groups to avoid the legal penalties that could potential stop them from getting or giving the care that they need. Read more…