Thursday, June 24, 2010

Quick Quips – 6/24/10

FREEDOM Watch! The Socialist Behind the Idea of Government Funding for News: 
  “Instead of waiting for the revolution to happen, we learned that unless you make significant changes in the media, it will be vastly more difficult to have a revolution. While the media is not the single most important issue in the world, it is one of the core issues that any successful Left project needs to integrate into its strategic program.”
  So that’s the provenance. McChesney’s notion of what kind of journalism deserves taxpayer support is tied to his political preferences. How could government funding of news not end up being used by those in power for political purposes? Read more… 
[ Vigilance! BHO, without Congressional okays, is going to try to implement an FCC takeover of the media – mind control! – JS ]

Uhh Ohh! Obama knew of Blagojevich plot :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES [ This is really kind of murky. Read it yourself. – JS ]

Flooded With Help, But Still Flailing - BHO can't even organize foreign spill help! - Sooner rather than later, the Obama Administration needs to acknowledge the parallels to Hurricane Katrina, rather than continue its practice of denial. If they don’t, the independent commission established by the President surely will. And most urgently, as oil continues to spew from the ocean floor, the Administration needs to learn how to say “yes” to the countries that can help bail us out from this disaster. Read more…

Pres. Anti-Lincoln: With Malice Towards All and Charity Towards None, BHO Emotes His Way Through A War:
  ..the United States needs a war time president, which means one who can see past the headline of the day and the day-to-day news cycle to focus on victory in a long and difficult struggle with a relentless and deadly enemy.
  Like Lincoln, FDR and W discovered, success in war requires patience with warriors in the field, and only occasionally changes in command when those warriors either won't or can't fight or won't agree to the overall strategic mission.
  Those weren't Stanley McChrystal's faults. Like all of President Obama's other targets, the general failing in the eyes of the president had everything to do with Obama, not the war. Thus he had not only to be removed, but also humbled.
  Exactly like Lincoln wouldn't have done it.

BHO and the Woes of the Dems - President's low ratings mean he can't lift his party by campaigning
  Complex combinations of factors decide elections, and this year the driving forces are the president's low standing, his mishandling of the economy, his failure to respond to the oil spill, and the interconnected issues of jobs, spending, deficits and ObamaCare.
  It is an explosive mix for Democrats. All these measures—from his job approval to handling the economy and the Gulf oil leak to the generic ballot to intensity—will remain roughly where they are unless a dramatic event causes a shift. That's unlikely: The president can do little to radically improve the landscape.
  It has taken a year and a half of bad policies to put Mr. Obama and Congressional Democrats in their precarious position. As voters hold them accountable for misdeeds, mistakes and misjudgments,       Democrats will endure a beating this year they are not likely to forget soon. Read it all… [If we get complacent and don’t turn out the conservative vote, we’re going to be slitting our throats – JS ]

Perils of the Media Presidency - BHO forgot the bigger they are, the harder they fall! 
Watching Barack Obama engulfed for two months by an oil spill, and now the McChrystal mess, the thought occurs: Some day an American president, "the world's most powerful man," is going to have to figure out that modern electronic media is bigger than he is…
  Obama allowed—no, he encouraged—the electronic vapors to raise him up to the status of an iconic presidency. His White House whiz kids deployed all the elements of electronica to ensure that Barack remained larger than life…
  Put this forgotten folk wisdom on the next president's desk: The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Read more…

If guns save lives, it logically follows that gun laws cost lives!
[ More data and facts to support those “discussions” on guns with progressives and the lame street media! – JS ]

Our Lazy President - A collection of left wing czar radicals are busy doing the job for him.

Petulant Obama's Border Patrol and Ed Dept are boycotting AZ workers, cancelling gatherings