Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quick Quips – 6/22/10

The Man Who Would Be King - What Kipling tells us about Barack Obama: 
  In "Politics as a Vocation," the German sociologist Max Weber observed that "ultimately there are only two kinds of deadly sins in the field of politics: lack of objectivity and—often but not always identical with it—irresponsibility. Vanity, the need personally to stand in the foreground as clearly as possible, strongly tempts the politician to commit one or both of these sins."…
  Standing in the foreground has been the story of Mr. Obama's political career. When its history is written, the marvel will be how quickly he seduced a nation, and how quickly he lost it. There's really no marvel at all. He is, or was, the man who would be king.
[ This application of the lessons of one of my favorite Sean Connery movies to the rise and fall of Barack Obama is bang on. Be sure to read it all. – JS ]

Bye Bye Drs.! Reid Just Cut Doc Fix: The Beginning Of The End For Medical Access: This means that many, many more doctors will opt not to provide services to Medicare recipients. I wonder if our national legislators will take notice, and see that nationalized health care simply doesn't work..

Will BHO fire McChrystal? Of course - his feelings are hurt! >The Runaway General

IDIOCY Watch! BHO told me we can’t deploy oil skimmers because they might be needed elsewhere

Degeneration of Democracy
  If you believe that the end justifies the means, then you don't believe in Constitutional government. And, without Constitutional government, freedom cannot endure. There will always be a "crisis"-- which, as the president's chief of staff has said, cannot be allowed to "go to waste" as an opportunity to expand the government's power…
  Those who cannot see beyond the immediate events to the issues of arbitrary power-- versus the rule of law and the preservation of freedom-- are the "useful idiots" of our time. But useful to whom? Read more…

Our President Needs Real Leadership Skills
Our President has yet to learn that a true leader gives his soldiers -- those fighting and winning the battle -- and his subordinates whatever it takes to cause them to rise up and slay the dragons. Or, in this case, oil spills and plumes. That’s how leaders motivate their followers to successfully tame catastrophic disasters and to snatch success from the jaws of failure.
  In the meantime, to the dangerous detriment of our country, Obama is on a very sharp and short learning curve. It is time he either learned his job, or turned it over to someone who can. Read it all… [ A General known for recovering failed units gives some great leadership advice. – JS ]

If You Can't Budget, You Can't Govern - Dems continue to ignore the law to continue unlimited spending! [ The Dems don’t want limits on their spending! I wish my household didn’t need a budget and could spend crazily! – JS ]

Side Effects: ObamaCare Bureaucracy in a Bind. It's a mess as its implementation conundrums prove!