Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Obama’s Bizzaro World, the Disconnect between Reality and the Administration, Has Real World Consequences

by Thomas Del Beccaro at

image As the saying goes, this would be funny, if it was not so serious.  As each day of the Obama Administration wears on, the disconnect between reality and the Administration, between America and Washington, just keeps growing.  Consider these examples among many:

The Bank Bill:  Does it bother anyone that the same Congress that is giving us $1.5 trillion deficits as far as the eye can see is writing a 2000 page bill telling banks how to balance their books?  Unfortunately, by almost all accounts but Congress’ – this bill will make lending more difficult, and therefore prolong our recession, at the same time it exposes America to more bailouts for lack of leverage reform.

Russia Spies:  According to a Justice Department official the charges are “’the tip of the iceberg’ of a Russian intelligence conspiracy against the United States.”  Obama knew about the charges prior to a meeting with the Russian President but there is no word on whether he brought it up let alone scolded the Russians.  To the contrary, according to the State Department: “the arrests merely show that the two countries have not yet reached the level of “trust and cooperation” where they can be completely open with one another” and Obama “had no “personal reaction” to the case and that the arrests should not hurt the administration’s attempts to mend fences with Moscow. “I do not believe that this will affect the reset of our relationship with Russia,” according to White House Spokesman Gibbs.  I am certain Putin (and Iran, the Taliban, and anyone else fighting the US) are so very relieved.

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