Friday, June 25, 2010

Cartoon Corner – 6/25/10

from hopenchangecartoons
  Because we can go to Hell in a Handbasket even faster if we give the handbasket supersonic jet engines, a Massachusetts school system has decided to distribute free condoms to children as young as six years old...with parents unable to voice complaints or prevent the distribution.
  Children - as young as kindergarten students - can request the condoms secretly, but will only receive them after a consultation with a school nurse who can make sure that the condoms will be used appropriately. Which presumably means that a six-year-old boy can only have consensual sex with a five-year-old girl (perhaps requiring a promise to give her a shiny nickel.)
  As much as we'd like to have a devastatingly clever punchline to this story, it just isn't going to happen. Hope n' Change is literally, truly, physically ill about this…
  To paraphrase Hillary Clinton and her ghostwriter, "It takes a destroy families."

from Chip Bok: “Change of Command” - Well, here’s a story in the UK Telegraph that says Petraeus will review the doctrine of courageous restraint. [ I hope that no warrior or his loved ones will ever have to hear those two very dangerous and self-defeating words, “courageous restraint’, again! – JS ]

from [ My fervent wish is that McChrystal told BHO what he thinks of him and then opens up to us all! – JS ]