Friday, June 11, 2010

Cartoon Corner – 6/11/10

from hopenchangecartoons 
After the increasingly (if unconvincingly) manly president consulted a team of oil engineering experts to figure out "whose ass to kick," he decided that the answer is...yours.
  Obama's interior department issued a prohibition against all deep-water drilling for at least the next 6 months, and cited the experts as the reason for the moratorium. But now those same experts are speaking out to say they were against any such moratorium, that they were misled, and they feel betrayed by the administration.
  According to these experts, "A blanket moratorium is not the answer. It will not measurably reduce risk further and it will have a lasting impact on the nation's economy which may be greater than that of the oil spill. We do not believe punishing the innocent is the right thing to do."
  Even worse, the engineers say that it's actually safer to let existing wells continue to pump, rather than attempt to shut them down and risk new blowouts.
  Put another way, the experts feel that Obama's policies offer a greater threat to our nation than the oil spill itself, both economically and environmentally.
  And ain't that a kick in the ass. [ BHO is going to have find a way to kick himself in the a**. ]

from [ I think I would re-title this “Life, Liberty and the Redistribution of Happiness. – JS ]