Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Conservative on Target! 3/26/13

   One can only wonder if the SEC will direct its attention toward the Obama's Administration spending; or if the SEC has the authority to charge the White House with misrepresenting the nation's long-term fiscal stability when it issues T-bonds to the global bond market.   While presidents in the past have fought with Congress over spending, Obama has now bypassed the Congress and is spending using the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department. This issue, along with major entitlement program spending liabilities, dominates the long-term economic landscape.

How government steals your savings: Uncle Sam has his own methods of expropriation:   
   There has been global outrage about the proposal from the Cyprus government to have a significant one-time tax on those who have deposits in Cypriot banks. It has been correctly called a theft of private capital. What many fail to realize is that from the beginning, governments have been engaged in this type of theft, including the U.S. government.
   As the debt crisis deepens, governments are likely to increasingly engage in various forms of capital expropriation despite the fact that such activities are economically destructive and morally offensive. The U.S. government is now doing precisely what the Cypriot government is proposing, but only with a lighter and more subtle touch. If you have a savings account, a CD or money market fund, there is a good chance that you are receiving less than 1 percent interest on the money, thanks to the Federal Reserve, while government-caused inflation is running at roughly 2 percent. Thus, you are, in effect, suffering a 1 percent expropriation of your savings each year — without Congress ever having voted for such expropriation. It gets worse. The Internal Revenue Service taxes you on all the interest you receive as income, even though what you are actually receiving is only a partial return of your capital investment.

"We do not need more intellectual power, we need more moral power. We do not need more knowledge, we need more character. We do not need more government, we need more culture. We do not need more law, we need more religion. We do not need more of the things that are seen, we need more of the things that are unseen.... If the foundation is firm, the superstructure will stand." -- Calvin Coolidge

"So when any of the four pillars of government, are mainly shaken, or weakened  (which are religion, justice, counsel, and treasure), men had need to pray for fair weather."-- Francis Bacon

"Democracy does not guarantee equality of conditions -- it only guarantees equality of opportunity." -- Irving Kristol


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