Friday, January 4, 2013

We Must Control the Second Amendment Conflict

By William A. Levinson at

The side that controls the language of an argument controls the argument, and the side that takes and maintains the offensive controls the entire conflict.  The enemy must then react to our actions instead of making us react to his, and continue to react until he is no longer capable of fighting.  We are indeed at war with an adversary with whom good faith and win-win negotiation are not possible.

Recognize Incrementalism for What It Is: Incrementalism is the process whereby an aggressor who cannot achieve his entire long-term objective immediately will seek to do it a piece at a time.  The free world's failure to take seriously "Germany today, tomorrow the world" brought untold misery to millions of people.  The Arab approach to the destruction of Israel also is incrementalist: Gaza and the West Bank today, and Tel Aviv tomorrow.

Control the Argument and Take the Offensive
It was one matter for Cato the Elder to say "Carthago delenda est" ("Carthage must be destroyed"), and another for Rome's legions to lay the city in ruins and then sow the fields with salt.  Intelligent and diligent effort was necessary then, and it is now.  The first step is to control the language of the conflict.

Apply Psychological Warfare
Psychological warfare is the only military weapon that it is legal for anybody -- be he a government, private organization, or individual -- to use during peacetime.  

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