Sunday, January 20, 2013

Conservative on Target! 1/20/13

Mind-Bending Idiocy Is The Reason We Don't Have A Gold Standard Today   The main reason that we don’t have a gold standard today is not because it didn’t work, or because the floating fiat currency system is better. There was no rational decision-making involved. Mostly, I think it is the natural outcome of mind-bending idiocy.

Meet the first Muslim president
   ... Having lived through a tumultuous era in which the two biggest geopolitical challenges to America’s very existence as a free nation have been Marxism and Shariah Islam, it’s a testament to modern Americans’ advancing spiritual blindness that we have chosen – twice – a president in thrall to both.
   There’s a perfect logic to the “grand jihad” uniting these two ungodly forces against the rare and exotic bloom of individual liberty. Both movements are based on rejection of Christianity, Judaism and the “Judeo-Christian values” that comprise the moral foundation of Western Civilization. Both are fixated to an ecstatic vision of a utopia that cannot exist in reality because it defies all the laws of God and man and human nature and common sense.
   And, although superficially incompatible with each other, both are on the same side of the great war between good and evil, each intent on captivating as many free people as possible in the process of imposing a deluded paradise that never was, and never can be.

   It soon becomes clear that without the safety net of intrinsic human value that is crafted in the moral presuppositions that underlie Christianity's legacy to the West, the worth of an individual life becomes dependent on utilitarian value and the fabric of our civilization ultimately suffers as it is scientifically deconstructed along these materialist lines. Rather than becoming more charitable and humane, it is apparent that a Huxleyan social and genetic dystopia is gaining its ideological foothold in the universities and technocratic seats of dominion that are inexorably growing in power and influence. Several decades ago Dr. Singer's thesis was considered academically beyond the pale in its monstrous implications. Today, such views are respected by a majority of bio-ethicists who have divorced humanity from the strictures of traditionalist moorings and have embraced the project of a radical new humanist definition.
   As the accretion of power to the State seems unstoppable and a great centralization of prerogative threatens to swallow up the sphere of the private, the forces of authority will ultimately, by virtue of the collective's moral force, weed out the faulty and the dull, the weak and the defective. It is a small step from gender to designer abortions and an even more logical movement to terminating the living child with the extra chromosome or the cleft palate. Once the camel's nose is under the tent, can termination of live infants by virtue of race, ethnicity, or economic status of the parents be so unimaginable for a system that has come so far down a road that it cannot remember from whence it came? In the name of expedience or social utility that adheres to a paradigm where man is the sum totality of measurement, just how far is too far?

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