Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Conservative on Target: 12/25/12

If someone wrote a novel about a man who was raised from childhood to resent the successful and despise the basic values of America — and who then went on to become president of the United States — that novel would be considered too unbelievable, even for a work of fiction. Yet that is what has happened in real life. ~ Thomas Sowell

Please Pass the Kool-aid
   Before ACA, the healthcare bureaucracy consumed 40% of all healthcare spending. That was over $1 trillion in one year. That sum is roughly the same as the U.S. spent in ten years of war in Iraq.    With full implementation of Obamacre, the bureaucratic cost will rise to ≈50%. Make sure you understand: half of all U.S. healthcare spending will produce no health care.

Bizarre Episodes of Government in Action:

Call out the Militia - The real militia! Us! http://bit.ly/YFwJvP

"Those who have sought the most in gun control have sought the least in the punishment of criminals." -- Robert J. Kukla

"A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie." -- Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

"The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed the subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that the supply of arms to the underdogs is a sine qua non for the overthrow of any sovereignty."
-- Adolf Hitler