Thursday, October 4, 2012

From The Mouths of Babes … Listen To Our Young!

By John Sykes

These kids carry our hopes, our dreams, our future … and we are burying them in hopeless debt and a statist quagmire. Are they doomed to stations in life determined by Big Brother, relying on a nameless, faceless bureaucrat to grace them with their needs?

They are if you don’t turn this state around, something that has not happened in the entire past. But what’s the difference? Why can we actually be different and reverse a cultural slide without end?

We have a God who has given us inalienable rights based on moral absolutes, and we are the only major empire in the history of the world governed by a document, the Constitution, not a human!

Pray for these children, for us and, most of all, for His Will!

From Voices Without A Vote:

These are the voices of our future.
Their future hangs in the balance.
They can’t vote. But you can.

Liberty is never more than one generation from extinction. And they are that generation!