Friday, April 1, 2011

Conservative on Target: Quips, Quotes & More

imageHALL of SHAME: The Wisconsin Professional Police Association and other unions are circulating letters to businesses in southeast Wisconsin telling them to support collective bargaining for government unions or else. "It's kind of like the old protection racket," he said. " 'If you have the right sticker, we won't break your knees.' This is beyond the pale to force a small-business person to choose when they want to stay neutral. But that isn't good enough."

Watch this closely! Progressive Euphemism: Accountable-Care Organization = Health Care Rationer > Our newest ObamaCare goodie!

INCREDIBLE! Don’t Forget Your Hijab, Soldier! American Servicewomen Encouraged to Wear Headscarves

We are sooo… down the rabbit hole! Gorbachev’s Birthday Bash: Sharon Stone, Kevin Spacey, The Scorpions, and Sporty Spice Celebrate A Dictator

“Many of the members of Congress of both parties who have gone to Syria in recent months have said they believe he’s a reformer.” ~ Hillary Clinton on Bashar al-Assad, March 27 > “Few things said by this administration in its two years can match this one for moral bankruptcy and strategic incomprehensibility.” ~ Charles Krauthammer

Congress should not confirm the president’s nominee to head the ATF bureau. Traver, an anti-gun zealot, would be another go-along, get-along Chicago cog in the machine. Americans need someone who’ll strip the whitewash, not second-coat it.

Somebody needs to go to jail for this one: Investigators for the House Energy and Commerce Committee have discovered that a little-known provision in the national health care law has allowed the federal government to pay nearly $2 billion to unions, state public employee systems, and big corporations to subsidize health coverage costs for early retirees.  At the current rate of payment, the $5 billion appropriated for the program could be exhausted well before it is set to expire.

Turn up at your local Muslim outreach program wearing an "I'd rather be Waterboarding" t-shirt.