Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cartoons: “Beating The Bushes”, “Rangel Rant” and “I Am Workers”

by hopenchangecartoons:
  In order to minimize the expected carnage in November's mid-term elections, the Whitehouse is encouraging congressional Democrats to mount campaigns which attack George W. Bush rather than taking credit for the Democrats' "accomplishments" during Obama's term.
  Which strikes Hope n' Change as rather confusing: since the Democrats have gotten exactly what they want, why don't they also want voters to be aware of it?
  Thanks to a huge Democratic majority and the coordinated efforts of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid, we now have trillions in new debt, rising medical bills, crushing unemployment figures, nationalized industries, wide open borders, and two wars being undermined by our allies' lack of belief in American commitment.
  All of this being the case, it's not surprising that the Democrats are saying that voting for their Republican rivals would be like reelecting George W. Bush.
  Because they'll get slaughtered if they say that voting for Democrats would be like reelecting Barack Hussein Obama.

from Chip Bok: Nancy Pelosi called Congress back from vacation to vote for the teacher bail-out bill.  Famed vacationer, Charlie Rangel, took the opportunity to dare his colleagues to throw him out.

from Chuck Assay: [ I’m not sure this is a cartoon but it is truly powerful and a homage to our departed Christian warriors. – JS ]