Friday, February 25, 2011

Is not the Tea Party movement first, foremost and most importantly a grassroots effort?

imageBy John Sykes

In Two groups lead tea party pack Cindy Chafian of Chino Hills Tea Party, said the rivalry [ between Tea Party Express and Tea Party Patriots ] hurts the movement:

"The attacks are what to me are destructive to the whole thing. Instead of them working together, they're focusing on trying to bring down others”..

Her group no longer has a connection to either group, though she is friends with Kremer. Chafian said she prefers the tea parties not have a national face at all:

"The movement is very strong because it consists of the people"

I strongly agree. The Tea Party movement is largely grass roots and dedicated to changing from the bottom up, not the top down. The closer we get to power, the more corrupt we become.

To quote Lord Acton:

“Power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely..”


More importantly, someone wisely said:

“America is not changed from the White House. America is changed from your House.”

I would quickly add that that House is not just your personal abode but also the seat of your faith.

We the People should leave the corruption, hunger for power and egoism at the top and work from the bottom!