Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lemmings & 100% Facts Free – Conservative Cartoons


from hopenchangecartoons:

On Monday night's edition of ABC World News Tonight, alleged journalist Diane Sawyer asserted that the "Occupy Wall Street" movement has now "spread to more than a thousand countries -- every continent but Antarctica."

There's just one small problem: there are only 195 recognized countries in the entire world,and the other 800+ countries Ms. Sawyer is reporting on exist only in her imagination. And presumably, she thinks that Antarctica is the only holdout because it's populated entirely by tiny little millionaires and billionaires in tuxedos...and no one has the nerve to tell her that they're actually penguins.

Of course, it's hard to present much in the way of facts about the ongoing protests, in part because the facts are so inconvenient if the news media and Obama administration are going to to spin this as an important, wholesome, and authentic uprising by mainstream Americans.

For example, ABC probably doesn't want to report that proud communist and former Whitehouse Czar Van Jones is whipping up the crowds with demands to take everything from the evil rich people, so the new order can "give everything" to the shouting rabble. And it would be embarrassing to report that the demands of "Occupy Wall Street" include "becoming immortal, and having sex with animals."

In any event, Hope n' Change would like to suggest that ABC News dump evil millionairess Diane Sawyer as soon as possible and replace her with Warren Buffet's cleaning woman.

She may not actually be paying more taxes than Mr. Buffet, but we're betting she could deliver more facts than Ms. Sawyer.